Grünenthal – innovating to improve lives

We are skilled entrepreneurs and scientists working together to develop new solutions for patients suffering from pain-related diseases and adjacent conditions.

We combine our internal R&D capabilities with a collaborative network approach to ensure success. Patients are central in the journey towards developing effective pain solutions. Through our work with patient organisations and direct interaction with patients, we have been able to create tangible improved outcomes for patients.


Gabriel Baertschi, Chief Executive Officer

“Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do. It’s the driving force behind new ideas and future therapies. Innovation is more than just the development of new medications. It’s about expanding our knowledge, exploring new and different treatment approaches, exploiting technologies and harnessing big data. We want to improve patients’ lives. That’s why we continually seek opportunities to innovate.”

Gabriel Baertschi

Chief Executive Officer, Grünenthal

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