Good business

Good business means taking responsibility for the communities and wider world around us. We don’t just think about today but tomorrow too, acting with future generations in mind and doing all we can to minimise our impact on the environment.

As detailed in our Code of Conduct and Environment, Health & Safety policies, we work within occupational health and safety guidelines and comply with all relevant laws, internationally recognized guidelines and industry standards.

We are proud of every step we make, but are determined to do more. Beyond our overarching purpose – improving the health of people around the globe, working with our customers and partners – we want to create shared value through sustainability for our company and society as a whole.

Social responsibility

Imagine a world free of pain. We can – and we’re doing all we can to make it a reality.
Caring for the world around us is a big part of who we are – from a patient’s pain to climate change – we’re committed to doing what we can to tackle these issues, big and small.

Our modern-day society has created the basic conditions that make it possible for us to recruit talented employees, to develop innovative medicines and to make them widely available to patients. It’s only right that we give something back to society.

Our work is focused on the needs of our health care system. Areas such as palliative care and the hospice movement have been particularly close to our hearts for decades. We actively support individuals and organisations that use their hearts as well as their minds in their own work.

The diverse local communities around the world that we work within are important to us. We offer financial support to local charities in these regions and welcome corporate fundraising initiatives by our employees.