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EFPIA Disclosure (Transparency) Code

Working with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

Grünenthal is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and supports the EFPIA Disclosure (Transparency) Code. As a member of EFPIA we are fully committed to publishing details of our collaboration with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) to demonstrate that we interact with HCPs and HCOs in an ethical and transparent way.

Starting in 2015, certain defined transfers of value provided by pharmaceutical companies to HCPs and HCOs will be collected and reported during the subsequent calendar year, and for each year thereafter.  The transfers of value covered by this requirement are:

  • Grants and donations to HCOs
  • Speaker and consultancy fees for HCPs
  • Sponsorship of events organised by or on behalf of HCOs
  • Support of HCPs to attend congresses and educational or scientific meetings
  • Research and development related transfers of value (only as an aggregated report)

The first data was published at the end of June 2016 together with a methodological note describing how Grünenthal has collected and disclosed the data in the reports. Transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs will be published in the country of the recipient’s principal practice address, and will also include transfers of value which are made by any other Grünenthal affiliate.

Disclosure in the UK

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (the ABPI) has stipulated additional reporting requirements in its Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, therefore a modified version of the EFPIA template is in use in the UK.  The ABPI Code requires all member companies to disclose their data using a central portal hosted by the ABPI.  This makes it easier for interested parties to access a complete dataset of information and compare the data easily, rather than visiting individual company websites.  Information regarding the disclosure of transfers of value in the UK can be accessed directly from the ABPI website:  The central portal is hosted at

Support provided to patient organisations is not disclosed within the ABPI portal.  To see details of the support provided by Grünenthal to patient organisations and other groups in our local community, please click here.

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EFPIA Video “Working together for patients”

EFPIA Video “Introducing the EFPIA Disclosure Code”

Please visit the EFPIA website: to receive further information about the EFPIA Disclosure Code.